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Team Building

Team Building

Resolve conflict | fun | strategise | reconnect
improving relationships | get to know each other
improve morale | create collaboration between departments
personal insight | exploration | team performance

Whatever your need, we will provide you with an interactive, learning experience! 

Business goals cannot be attained in isolation but require a team effort. Yet when individuals function within a team, it is inevitable that certain dynamics come into play. As a leader, the challenge often lies in channelling the energy of a group of diverse individuals towards a common goal. In addition there is a need to create and maintain a stimulating and motivating environment that is conducive to growth and development of all. Where there may be conflict we can assist in creating an increased understanding of the nature of conflict, individual conflict style preferences as well as skills required to solve conflict. We are also able to facilitate a currently explosive situation by identifying areas of conflict in a rational manner, and identifying workable solutions with clear rules, guidelines and clarity on responsibilities for the parties involved.




Depending on the need, we can explore how individuals differ and the impact on the group.  Often the team is required to analyse and solve a problem.  Facilitation often assists in exploring the roots of the problem as well as generates potential solutions. 
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