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Stress management

Stress Management

Many statistics exist that measure the cost of stress on productivity within the work environment.  Absenteeism has been estimated to cost South Africa R12 billion per annum.  What is of more concern is the cost of presenteeism, which is defined as being at work, but not fully functional.  This is estimated to reduce productivity by as much as a third!  Stress is associated with the following:  impulsiveness, aggressiveness, poor interpersonal relationships, ineffective decision making, inability to learn, poor memory, a distorted view of the world and also impacts negatively on general health.  Overall, factors that impact negatively on bottom line results.

Stress is unlikely to become less, but can be viewed as a constant factor within the work environment.  The challenge then lies in how we deal with and respond to it. 

Contributing positively

Outcomes of the Stress management and emotional regulation workshop are:

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