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The advancement of technology allows for the new field of Neuro-Leadership which provides exciting, scientific knowledge to the field of leadership and our understanding of human dynamics. Understanding human behaviour has traditionally been seen as a soft, yet complex science. This is at times met with some scepticism by those looking for more concrete evidence. Recent technology (FMRI scans), allows us to gain insight into the functioning of the brain in a very hard and scientific manner and specifically into memory, behaviour and emotions. This provides leaders with a more comprehensive model from which to understand specific psychological processes and human dynamics within the organisation.

Principles deducted from neuro science of leadership are influencing the fields relating to leadership development, change management and coaching. Neuro-Leadership provides us with another language to understanding human dynamics and transforms our thinking and behaviour to produce tangible results within the work environment.

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Our program, the NeuroLead series...

NeuroLead focuses on three modules:
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